In restoration assignments, we work carefully with original craft methods and materials. We often document and recreate parts that are about to be lost, such as rustings, moldings, scopes, eaves, ornaments, plaster paintings (so-called graffitto) and of course other plastered surfaces. In these projects, we often collaborate with building antiquarian expertise to ensure the right methods and approaches.

We also have expertise and solutions for new and younger façades. One example is to find innovative solutions to the rapid housing constructions of the 50s and 70s, often linked to smart energy improvements. Many customers in this area belong to the public housing, or are tenant-owner associations.

We carefully examine and develop alternatives that work for the individual property / portfolio. This includes not only the choice of plastering system but also the choice of additional insulation or collaborative measures such as switching to modern energy windows or measures on the roofs.

We work with the most modern façade systems, where both extra seals and ventilation are included in addition to smart insulation solutions. Tested systems that meet the National Board of Housing, Building and Planning's tough rules with both design and execution in close collaboration with the various manufacturers, who also train and sometimes certify our staff in their systems.

Last edit 10 January 2023