Why partnership with Fasadgruppen?

For business owners, entering a new context is often a life-defining decision associated with many emotions. Fasadgruppen was founded on a true entrepreneurial spirit by two family businesses that joined forces to create the group, which has left its mark on the organisation.

As an entrepreneur within Fasadgruppen, you gain access to a strong community of skilled entrepreneurs with a broad network of contacts. But that's not all. Joining Fasadgruppen provides you with a range of advantages that will take your company to the next level.

Fasadgruppen's business model allows acquired companies to continue operating as before, but with economies of scale, such as lower material costs and resource sharing within the group. Additionally, Fasadgruppen offers supportive functions such as procurement, HR, financial reporting, and other central functions that can help develop your business.

Some specific advantages of joining Fasadgruppen include:

  • Lower purchasing prices: By leveraging Fasadgruppen's purchasing power, you can reduce your material costs and thus increase your profitability.
  • Cross-selling opportunities: By collaborating with other companies within Fasadgruppen, you can discover new business opportunities and expand your offerings to customers.
  • Exchange of expertise: Being part of Fasadgruppen gives you access to a vast pool of knowledge and experience from other entrepreneurs. This can help you solve problems and bring new ideas to your business.
  • Central functions: Fasadgruppen offers a range of support functions that can relieve you of administrative tasks and allow you to focus on your core business.

In summary, by being part of Fasadgruppen, you gain access to a strong community of entrepreneurs, lower costs, and supportive functions that help take your company to new heights.

Would you like to become a part of Fasadgruppen?

If you are a company owner and want to become a part of Fasadgruppen, you can contact us via info@fasadgruppen.se or the business area managers in your region.

Last edit 06 March 2024