Windows and balconies

Window assignments include new window installation in conjunction with construction work as well as replacements of windows to reduce energy consumption and noise levels.

We replace about 10,000-20,000 windows annualy for various customers, ranging from small tenant-owner associations to large private and public real estate companies.

Switching to modern windows is not only a matter of significantly increasing the lifetime, but also of improving environmental and energy values. Modern windows are both quieter and denser and today there are many opportunities for smart solutions, e.g. tilt function for ventilation (so-called dreh-kipp).

Balcony work includes replacement of railings and other details as well as full installation of new units.

We support in project management, planning and building permit procedures. In addition, we often help to solve other needs in connection with the windows and balconies work, such as facade renovation or painting. We can package all of this in a complete solution, where you have one counterparty for the entire project's different parts and one guarantee.

Last edit 05 May 2023