We are involved in creating sustainable cities

As community builders, we have a responsibility to contribute to sustainable development and we constantly strive to streamline and work in a sustainable way.

With both responsibility and commitment, our operations contribute both locally and regionally. With our commitment, we want to show that we truly believe in our mission to improve the world through one sustainable façade at a time.

UN sustainable development goals

Fasadgruppen supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals and has chosen to focus more on some of them.

  • Sustainable cities and economic growth (11)
  • Sustainable consumption and production (12)
  • Sustainable energy for all (7)
  • Gender equality (5)
  • Decent working conditions and economic growth (8)

Certifications in environment and quality

In order to be able to work sustainably and contribute to sustainable development in terms of environment and quality, we work on the basis of certain rules and routines to ensure that the quality is good and the environment safe.

The company's way of leading the quality and environmental work is adapted, externally reviewed and certified according to the ISO standards ISO 9001 (Quality) and 14001 (Environment). The review is handled by certification bodies accredited by Swedac.

All subsidiaries in the group have been approved and certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and 14001. Working systematically with functioning work processes in these areas is a priority issue. In short, this means that we meet the requirements of the international ISO standards, by having good control over the quality and environmental work as well as an ability for continuous improvement, in these areas, which is measurable.

Last edit 22 February 2022