Our values

Fasadgruppen’s values ​​describe the core of our business and permeate our entire group in our daily operations. They provide guidance in our work and a clear customer promise.

Our core values ​​are; collaboration, commitment and competence.

CollaborationThrough benchmarking within the group, we always strive to utilise our differences and complement each other and thus develop our daily operations for the best customer benefit. Best practice takes place on an ongoing basis between companies in order to streamline our work processes, learn from different types of advanced and complex assignments and strengthen our position as a market-leading façade contractor. With close collaboration with partners, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders, we constantly try to optimise our way of collaborating and developing close and long-term relationships. Through a desire to be open to our surroundings, we create the conditions for new collaborations and solutions.

CommitmentWe work in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway with a long-term commitment to our customers in each region and market where we are represented. We have the customer in focus and keep our promises and strive to exceed high expectations. We are convinced that personal contacts are the most profitable and effective for all parties. With a local presence, we always have close contact with our customers throughout the work process and a regional strength that provides security throughout the business.

CompetenceWe have a solid combined experience and know our craft in the masonry and plaster industry. With just over 2000 employees, we can offer a broad competence in façade construction and we are thus a safe partner that delivers the highest quality to our customers. Through best practice within the Group, we always strive to develop all employees in our daily operations for the best customer benefit.

Last edit 02 June 2023