Sustainability Governance

The Board of Directors of Fasadgruppen resolves on the overall sustainability framework, policy and objectives of Fasadgruppen, and follows up the work at each regular Board meeting. The Group's sustainability strategy is discussed at special strategy days of both the Board and the Management Group annually.

The Group Head of IR and Sustainability is responsible for the day-to-day progress and monitoring of objectives and activities within the framework. The Head of IR and Sustainability further ensures that Fasadgruppen participates in and contributes to relevant initiatives on various sustainability issues. The work is carried out in close cooperation with the CEO, other Group management and the subsidiaries.

The Group has a Code of Conduct, HR Policy, Environmental Policy, Quality Policy and a number of other guidelines related to sustainability issues. Occupational health and safety issues are dealt with in Fasadgruppen’s Health and Safety Group, which includes representatives from all business areas. The Group's HR policy and the associated employee handbook contain guidelines on occupational health and safety issues. The employee handbook, as well as the company's intranet and website, also provide information on Fasadgruppen’s whistleblowing function.

Last edit 14 March 2023