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Governance and control

Fasadgruppen’s decentralised business model entails specific requirements on the governance and risk management of the Group. Based on a clearly formulated governance model that ensures adequate control of the business and promotes freedom of action and local entrepreneurship, we strengthen the competitiveness of Fasadgruppen.

Sustainable acquisitions and financing

Fasadgruppen has an active M&A strategy aimed at broadening its geographical presence and strengthening its offering. Through a continuously refined acquisition process and integration model, we ensure that we acquire quality companies that contribute to the Group's growth and objectives.

Connected to the M&A strategy, Fasadgruppen only raises sustainability-linked financing. The Group's loan facility agreements are linked to selected sustainability indicators where interest rate terms are adjusted based on Fasadruppen’s achievement of pre-defined KPIs. 

Ethics and anti-corruption

Fasadgruppen does not accept any form of corruption, bribery, extortion, or money laundering and we work to prevent these types of activities. An important tool is the Code of Conduct, which must be accepted by both employees and suppliers, as well as the whistleblower function, which is available to employees, customers and suppliers. We also carry out annual spot-checks on subcontractors used in projects.

Fasadgruppen strives to have an open business climate, high business ethics and to always see the possibilities of new improvements. In case of suspicion of irregularities such as bribery, conflicts of interest, environmental violations or safety deficiencies in the workplace, a whistleblowing function with the possibility of anonymity is therefore provided by an external and independent actor.

Last edit 14 March 2023