The industry’s best workplace

Health and safety

Fasadgruppen operations are exposed to risks associated with occupational health and safety. Work is often performed at height on scaffolding. We therefore strive to ensure a safe and healthy working environment with clear safety requirements on our construction sites.

We have a central Health and Safety Group with representatives from our different business areas that look to ensure we can offer the best working environment for our craftwork personnel. Each subsidiary has a health and safety representative who reports to the Health and Safety Group.

Injuries and accidents are to be prevented by each subsidiary performing an annual health and safety survey to pinpoint potential health and safety risks and formulate a plan to prevent them. This is to be documented by the Health and Safety Group and reported to and monitored by Group Management. All work supervisors are trained in safe working methods and procedures, which is documented in a skills matrix that is reported annually to Management and the Board.

Inclusion and diversity

Fasadgruppen operates in an industry that historically has been strongly male-dominated, especially on the craftsmanship side. We are therefore actively striving to increase the number of female employees in the Group.

One important aspect in this work is to offer inclusive workplaces where no form of discrimination or harassment is acceptable. Fasadgruppen has zero tolerance for discrimination when recruiting, decisions on remuneration, working hours, holidays, work duties, parental leave, performance appraisals, development and health and wellness benefits.

Competence supply and development

To boost long-term attractiveness for a craftsmanship career, we participate in upper secondary school fairs and work with vocational training courses, as well as offering apprenticeship programmes.

Internally, we want to harness the extensive skills of our employees through knowledge sharing and leadership training. Through annual employee surveys, we identify areas for development in order to continuously become a better employer.

Last edit 14 March 2023