Acquisition strategy

Through acquisitions, Fasadgruppen strengthens its geographical footprint, service offering and skills throughout the Nordic region. By letting the acquired companies continue to run their businesses under their own brands and with a significant independence, while accessing certain common group functions and best practice sharing, conditions to build local leaders that benefit from economies of scale are created.

Fasadgruppen’s strategy for identifying potential acquisitions places great emphasis on the degree of craftsmanship competence within the company and on the company’s management. The selection criteria include an assessment of the company, the management and the market:

  • Company: Should add structured capital, cross-selling opportunities and a high degree of craftsmanship competence. At the same time, the company should show a stable historical development in terms of profitability, growth and cash flow.
  • Management: Should consist of competent entrepreneurs who fit in naturally with Fasadgruppen’s corporate culture and who are committed to the group’s future plans.
  • Market: The acquisition targets should have a strong position in the local market and be active in a region with a growing market.

Why Fasadgruppen?

In the Nordic countries, there are more than 10,000 companies that are active in façade work. Many of them are led by skilled entrepreneurs with strong local market positions and customer relations. Through Fasadgruppen’s business model, the companies can continue to be managed just as before, but with access to economies of scale such as lower material costs and resource sharing within the group. Fasadgruppen also provides the local companies with various support functions that are often more developed than the companies’ own, for example within financial reporting. Fasadgruppen’s decentralised business model means that a complete integration of the acquired companies is not required. In this way, the characteristics of them are preserved at the same time as they become part of Fasadgruppen as a whole.

Last edit 18 April 2023