Whistleblowing Service Guidelines

Fasadgruppen strives to have an open business environment and high business ethics, and to always see the possibilities of new improvements. Our employees, customers and suppliers are our most important sources of insight into any shortcomings that need to be corrected.

Anyone who suspects impropriety, which is contrary to Fasadgruppen’s values or business ethics policy, or against the law, must be able to report their suspicions without fear of reprisals. You can choose to report information anonymously. In order to protect whistleblowers, Fasadgruppen has a Whistleblowing Policy and associated reporting function in place.

What can be reported?

  • Through this system, suspicion of serious impropriety can be reported. This includes:
  • financial crime such as bribery, corruption, theft, fraud and forgery, accounting fraud, and other violations of accounting and tax law,
  • conflict of interest between an employee and the Fasadgruppen, or
  • other serious forms of impropriety relating to the vital interests of the Fasadgruppen or the lives and health of individuals, such as serious environmental crimes, major deficiencies in workplace safety, and very serious forms of discrimination and harassment.

If the impropriety does not fall within the scope of the aforementioned, it must be reported in accordance with Fasadgruppen’s internal guidelines, policies or procedures. General complaints and dissatisfaction should not be reported through this system but rather to your immediate manager, trade union representative, or HR.

Who can report?

The reporting procedure can be used by all employees (regardless of employment form) in all of Fasadgruppen’s companies. Shareholders, volunteers, trainees, individuals who otherwise carry out work under the supervision and management of an operator, self-employed individuals, individuals affiliated with a company’s administrative, management or supervisory body, if the operator is a company, may also use the system. Suppliers, customers and the public can also use channels, but have the same protection from reprisals as mentioned above.

How is reporting done?

  • Option 1: Report to a manager within Fasadgruppen’s organisation or to Group management.
  • Option 2: Report anonymously through the Whistleblowing reporting tool (see below).

How are other matters reported?

Other matters such as disputes, errors, complaints, minor crimes, and harassment, bullying, dissatisfaction with salary and the like, should not be reported through this system. These matters must be reported to an immediate manager or as indicated by Fasadgruppen’s other policies, guidelines and procedures.

Reporting tool

To ensure your anonymity, a reporting tool is provided by an external and independent provider. The reporting channel is encrypted and password protected. You will never have to provide your identity if you prefer not to.

  • You do not need to present evidence for your suspicion, but allegations must not be made with malicious intent nor may knowingly false accusations be made.
  • It is important that you describe all the facts in the matter, including circumstances you may consider less important. Please fully elaborate your statements and attach any material that may be relevant.

Reporting channels

2Secure provides two channels for reporting: online and by phone.
Provide company code: JRD430

Online: wb.2secure.se
Phone: + 46 (0)77 177 99 77

Last edit 22 February 2022